US Host Family

In the summer of 2017 the LPC Board (LPC Inc.) offered a pre-camp US Host Family Program for the first time after a long hiatus without the program. It allowed international campers attending US camps in Freedom (NH) and Birch Point (ME) a chance to connect with a US family in a host experience for 3 days before camp! It was a great opportunity for campers to get an inside look into life in the US, and a wonderful chance for the host families to establish what might lead to deep connections and friendships with young people from far away.

What’s Involved in being a Host Family?
We will have host families in Rhode Island and Massachusetts this summer and there is a local Host Family Program Coordinator assigned to each of those areas, as follows: Rhode Island– Kai Migliaccio: (401) 364-9325  Massachusetts ‐ Jessica Gillis: (831) 254‐3966
Give us a call if you are interested or send us an email at

As a host, you will arrange to meet your visiting camper on arrival day at Boston Logan International Airport. For a few days the camper will be a guest in your home. While it is expected that you provide all meals for your camper while they are your guest, you don’t need to spend a lot of money entertaining them. Simple summertime activities that your kids would be doing anyhow are wonderful; Time at the beach or a park, an ice cream cone from your family’s favorite spot–those sorts of simple pleasures are ideal. The LPC Board will help connect you with any other host families in your area so that you can get together, if you wish.

Although you are welcome to, it’s not required that you bring your camper back to Logan Airport on departure day. The LPC Board will organize with camp staff to connect Host Family Program participants at respective camp meeting points.

Most of all, have fun! The host program is just a few days, but it can be the basis of an international relationship and what may become a lifelong friendship!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the LPC Host Program Coordinators through our email

Please feel free to share this information widely throughout your community of friends, family, and interested coworkers!