Work Weekends


Next Work Weekends  will be announced after the Annual Meeting
Freedom, New Hampshire (USA)

In keeping with the spirit of LPC, volunteers meet up at the LPC-owned campsite in Freedom, New Hampshire, twice a year to blitz repair, paint, and revitalize the farmhouse there. Arriving on Friday, the volunteers suss out a bunk and combine forces to prepare a meal and caucus over the repairs for the upcoming weekend. The wish list from the counselors from the previous summer is considered and various work teams are formed. There is a place and job for everyone.

Saturday morning sees the teams in action. Painting is a common activity, but pizza ovens have been built, doors rehung, the kitchen has been overhauled, among other activities. The putting and taking out of the pond raft is a happy and constant occasion.

Saturday night sees a grand potluck dinner followed by dancing and general merriment.

We hope you will gather up your family and come to Freedom to help us ensure another wonderful summer for the year’s campers and counselors. Work Weekend is a great way to learn about camp, too, so if you are a prospective camp family, come check out our community in action!

Please use the discussion board in this event on Facebook to arrange carpools:

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Here is the link to the map to Freedom.

103 Moulton Rd. Freedom, NH USA