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The terrific Luethi-Peterson Camps Songbook is now available.

This Song Book contains 32 songs chosen by Armin Luthi for their accessibility, diversity and easy introduction to harmony.  Many artists from within the LPC/Ecole family have contributed illustrations (including an original drawing from Ed Koren, who created the LPC “Fuzzies”).

As Armin said in the Introduction, “Here is a selection of songs that have been sung at the Ecole d’Humanite and at the Luethi-Peterson Camps in many countries for generations.  We hope that it will contribute to cheerful, spontaneous singing in schools and community centers, clubs and camps, at festivals and gatherings of families and neighbors.”

How–you might ask–can you get a copy of the songbook? Write to us at our email address and we will send you the particulars. Our email address is: board@lpcinc.org

Happy singing!